Corporate Life

The pace that we walk at changes for the different times of our lives; each pace brings with it different opportunities.

As we walk there are times where we will need to be alone, times where we will value a companion, times to walk with a small group and times where we value being part of the entire community.   Peregrini offers opportunity for support and encouragement during these four different phases of our faith journey.

1: Alone. There are times when we need to be alone, however it is also good to remain connected prayerfully with the community.  Therefore resources will be produced that nurture a person who is in this particular phase of the journey.

2: Companionship Groups give an intentional structure to our dispersed community. They consist of small groups of individual people (usually between 3 and 5) who commit themselves, on an annual basis, to meet regularly to encourage and support each other in their desire to become people deeply rooted in God and to grow in spiritual maturity.

3: Missional Communities. In some contexts members of the community may intentionally agree to live according to the Five Rhythms of Grace and have a particular mission focus on a place.  These groups range in size from 5 to 50, they are different to Companionship Groups in that they have a particular missional focus on an area and may evolve within a church community.

4: Entire Community. Alongside the times of journeying alone and with a small group there will also be times when the entire community gathers. There are two occasions that we encourage all members of the community to participate in

  • Annual service of commitment.  At the service we make our promises of commitment to God and one another.  We ask all members of the community to participate in this service.
  • Annual Retreat Day:  Each spring we will facilitate a retreat day for members of the community.
  • In the Summer of 2017 we will be organising a Community Walk.
  • See the EVENTS page for more details about Community Gatherings for Pilgrims.