Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Peregrini

Isn't this the kind of thing all Christians should be doing anyway?

Yes! Peregrini is not an alternative to church or parish, but is one way of exploring Christian discipleship and mission together. We aim to provide tools and companionship for the kind of journey of faith common to all Christians. Peregrini exists within the existing church, and we encourage all people involved to remain committed to and involved in their local parish or church.

Do you have a community house?

No, we are dispersed community, located in many places around the Manchester Diocese. Please visit our Events page for more details on when and where Community Events are hosted.

How can I belong to Peregrini?

The Corporate Life page outlines the different ways of becoming part of Peregrini. As companionship groups and missional communities form and grow in the Diocese, we will keep people informed about where they meet. The Peregrini core team will be able to link people up with a group in their area.

What's my next step?

We encourage you to get hold of a copy of our resource book - you can request one by emailing us. Copies are also available from St Denys bookshop in Manchester City Centre, in the Cathedral visitor centre.

If you feel Peregrini is for you, come along to our next annual Service of Commitment. Details for this can be found on our Events page. The Service of Commitment allows us to make a more formal commitment to each other and to living the Rhythms of Grace for the coming year.

How are you accountable?

Our accountability within Peregrini is firstly to each other as supportive companions on the journey. Bishop David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, has kindly agreed to be our visiting bishop to provide us with additional support and guidance as we grow, and face new challenges and opportunities.