We will be adding new resources to aid you as part of the Peregrini Community throughout the year. The Pattern of Prayer is available on the website (just follow the link and click on the day of the week to get morning and evening prayer). The Five Rhythms of Grace are also here. With the Peregrini Resource Booklet available to download in pdf format.


We will look to make more audio available over time. This is the recording of the talk from the Peregrini Commitment Service 2018.


We have developed some resources to help you share Peregrini. An introduction and two toolboxes - one for prayer and the other for the rhythm of life. to find out more

Children and Families

We have compiled ideas and resources for being part of Peregrini for children and those who live or work with them. There are creative ideas for prayer, reading the Bible and exploring being part of God's mission in the world. The booklet is available as a an A4 booklet here  (you will need Adobe Acrobat to open it, which is free). We hope to have print copies available soon too.