Being a Christian is a lifelong journey of exploration: a journey that often encompasses times of celebration, times of hardship, times of struggle and times of joy. 

The path that we walk is not a solitary one, but one where we walk with our contemporary brothers and sisters in Christ and one where we draw inspiration from those who have walked the path before us.  Peregrini: A Community of Prayer & Mission is a fellow group of pilgrims to walk with on the journey of faith. It is a initiative within the Diocese of Manchester which was launched in the autumn of 2014.

Bishop David of Manchester writes about Peregrini:

For the last twenty five years I have had the benefits, as a Third Order Franciscan, of being part of a dispersed christian community living within the Anglican tradition. It has long been my desire to see as much as possible of what that offers to me being made more widely available to those who are not rooted in one or other of the historic monastic families. Peregrini, a dispersed community within the Manchester Diocese committed to prayer, mission and one another, is very much the fulfilment of these hopes.

We have drawn inspiration from the Irish wandering monks, the peregrini, and the Anglo-Saxon saints who continued the tradition of peregriniatio.  We welcome Christians from all traditions who long to grow in holiness and depth of discipleship and who like ancient Celtic peregrini are prepared to journey with others in the footsteps of Christ.

Over the last year we have seen groups forming of people wishing to explore the journey of faith as part of the Peregrini community. Peregrini also continues to provide resources and a sense of community for individuals who wish to draw on grow in prayer, faith and discipleship.

A Peregrini Resource Book is now available as a pdf on our resource page.